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We capture your essence

We are a team of destination wedding filmmakers. We believe every wedding tells a unique story, and we're passionate about capturing those special moments, weaving them into a personalized film that reflects your love, your style, and your unique personality, with our DUSO magic.

Rocío (Valencia)

JUST SAW THE TRAILER AND IT'S AMAZING!!! It's incredibleeee!! It blew me away!!! And watching the full video, I can't believe how much I cried!! Thank you so much and what an incredible team you are!! You're all so lovely!!

Ashley (California)

We laughed, we cried, it brought the whole day back. Thank you for capturing our love story so beautifully! And thank you SO MUCH  to coming all this way for the wedding!!

Taína (Dominican Rep.)

You are literally the dream team!! It was so great to choose you for our special day!! THE VIDEOS ARE AMAZING!! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!! We absolutely love them!!
De Una Sale Otra DUSO-22.jpg
  • How long does it take to receive our wedding videos?
    We understand that your wedding video is a cherished keepsake, and we take the time to create something truly special for you. Our typical turnaround time is 2-4 months, depending on your wedding date and the complexity of your project. We believe that this time allows us to meticulously craft a film that captures the essence of your unique love story.
  • Why is DUSO the right choice for your wedding videography?
    At DUSO, we are passionate about storytelling and believe that your wedding video should be more than just a collection of clips. We approach each project with a cinematic eye, capturing the emotions, laughter, and special moments that make your wedding day unforgettable. Our team of experienced videographers is skilled in capturing candid moments, blending them seamlessly with the formal elements of your ceremony and reception. We are committed to creating a film that reflects your personalities and the love you share.
  • Do you offer photography services?
    We specialize exclusively in wedding videography, allowing us to focus our expertise and creativity on crafting exceptional films that capture the essence of your special day. The photos you see on our website and social media are screenshots taken from our videos, showcasing the cinematic quality and storytelling approach that we bring to every project.
  • What is the process of booking your services?
    To secure our services, we require a 20% reservation fee and an online contract. Once these are in place, we will not contact you excessively until a few months before your wedding, when we will send you an editable Google Doc with questions to complete together. This comprehensive questionnaire will provide us with the details we need to capture all the important moments and nuances of your wedding day.
  • Can you film weddings outside of Spain?
    Absolutely! We are thrilled to travel worldwide to capture the beauty and romance of weddings in different cultures and locations. We will create a personalized budget for international weddings, including travel expenses, ensuring that we can bring our passion for storytelling to your special day, wherever it may be.
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